Finding nanny jobs in Toronto - full time or part time, live in or live out  

If you are living in Toronto and are looking to hire a nanny or babysitter, you will have a great selection to choose from! Toronto attracts a large number of international nannies and Canadian childcare providers who are looking for work in the field. Because of the high number of potential nannies and babysitters and families that need them Toronto offers great opportunity for nannies and, babysitters to find employment.

Everyone who is looking for a nanny or babysitter is searching for the best fit for their family make up and needs. There are a number of options available in addition to options based on experience, qualifications, certifications etc. There are part time, full time, live in and, live out caregivers there are also elder caregivers, professional babysitters and even students looking for work as babysitters.  

Probably the first consideration to settle would be the amount of caregiver time your family requires. If you are a single parent working full time you probably want a full time caregiver. Likewise, if you just require consistent but occasional help you may consider a part time caregiver.

The next decision may well be whether or not you want a live in or live out nanny, and there are great reasons for either, it all depends on the family’s needs.  If you want the nanny close by and accessible often, and you have the living space then a live-in may be the right choice. A live out nanny may be your choice if you have specific hours that you need help or if you don’t have accommodation. In Toronto live out nannies have the use of a very good public transportation system so this could be good choice. If only temporary occasional care is needed then a professional babysitter could be the answer. When summer comes around and the children need full time care there is access to many college student the city of Toronto has attending its many colleges and universities. And many of these students are looking for employment as child care workers. 

There are a number of methods that can used to find that perfect family or caregiver, there is good old fashioned word of mouth; perhaps you have friends, family, neighbors or associates that may know of some good nannies or babysitters that are looking for work. Because of the large numbers of nannies that are presently employed in and around Toronto this may be a good place to start. Also you can check out the classified ads and search the internet or you can use an agency. All of these options have their benefits, but for the largest selection and the ease of use nothing beats online agencies. The on-line agency offers huge updated selection, usually along with pictures and information on things like experience, references, preferences, salary expectations and any special certifications or training. If you are looking for a position, there are many families who place ads outlining their needs and preferences using the same methods!

When you finally narrow down your selection based on the caregivers qualifications and your needs it is time to interview! Make sure that you have a list of questions and give the interviewees an opportunity to interact with the children.

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