Part time nannies and part time nanny job in Toronto

Part time nannies are in great demand in the city of Toronto as they perform a much needed function in this dynamic and busy place. Part time nannies provide all the same services that full time nannies perform, but work less than full time hours. Some part time nannies may divide their time between 2 or more families and may be par time live in or par time live out nannies. In Toronto, there are many communities that are particularly attractive to parents and many of these communities have a wealth of nanny jobs available. This often results in groupings of nannies in areas of high need and this makes the concept of part time attractive and reasonable. Toronto’s excellent public transportation service is also a positive factor in providing accessibility for nannies.

Determining the wages or salary to pay your part time nanny is based on a number of things. In the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Labour, through its Employment Standards Program stipulates the rules and regulations regarding salary and wages. As a potential employer or as an employee, you should familiarize yourself with this. Following are a few of the important points; part time workers cannot work more than 8 hours a day and no more than 48 hours per week unless overtime wages are paid. Other rules provide for time off, rest periods, day off and vacation pay. As it is with all homecare providers, salary is based on geographical region, the amount of experience, the total amount of hours worked, responsibilities and the number of children being taken care of.

The selection of a part time nanny begins with choosing the method of search you would like to undertake. You can ask friends, search advertisements or use an agency or on line service. Regardless of the method you choose, you are looking for a nanny that suits your family’s specific needs and situation. When searching the data bases of available part time nannies check for length of experience, the type of experience (e.g. large or small family), the availability of references and whether or not this nanny has any special qualifications. Special qualifications and certifications are important, especially if you have a special needs child or family member.

Being successful in finding a part time nanny that has available the hours that you require and fills all your needs may be a challenge, but your family is worth it. Once you have found that ideal fit your next step is to keep a positive and pleasant working relationship, after all, you’ve invested a great deal of time.


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