Nanny cost in Toronto - salary and minimum wages 

The largest city in Canada, Toronto attracts a great deal of women who are looking for positions as nannies and babysitters.  And it also attracts a great number of families who are looking for childcare services, so of course there is a very large childcare market in Toronto. 

One of the most common concerns for nannies, babysitters and employer families is what are reasonable nanny/babysitter wages in the city of Toronto? The first logical step to determine the salary for a nanny is to check any government rules and regulations. In the province of Ontario the minimum wage is $11.28 an hour or $451 weekly for a 40 hour week. Babysitter salaries appear a little different, while the minimum wage is $11.28 an hour some parents are satisfied to hire teenagers who charge substantially less, but it is important to remember that professional childcare workers are very different from a teen around the block…you do get what you pay for!

But finding a fair salary for your nanny or babysitter is more than just selecting the “going rate” salaries need to be based on a number of other things also. Some of these factors include experience, special training, the number of children being cared for and your nanny’s demonstrated performance. This is why there is such a wide discrepancy between wages for childcare workers. Also, many families and nannies agree to lower salary if it is paid in cash. If you do it the legal way you allow for the nanny to become eligible for Canada pension, disability, and unemployment. A nanny's work week usually includes 40 to 60 hours, with two days off each week.

Starting wages for live-in nannies just beginning their career in the field usually range from $250 to $400 weekly. An experienced, trained nanny can expect a salary of from $350 to $1,000 weekly according to the International Nanny Association.

In Toronto, when negotiating a salary package, many nannies and families take into consideration including a Metropass that allows the nanny transportation throughout the city. 

Location also plays an important role in setting wages. Because of the size of the city there are a number of “metropolitan” areas that are very child friendly and have a large number of caregivers employed and living there. Many nannies or babysitters would take less pay to be living in an area whose population consists of other workers like themselves so that they can have a social life and attend the house of worship of their choice.

The responsibilities that a nanny or baby sitter is expected to perform will also affect the pay package that they are presented. If you expect `your nanny or babysitter to do extra work then they must be paid more. Also, the number of children that they are looking after will affect their pay.

To make sure that you are in the correct “ball park” when designing a pay package, liken your proposed salary to that of a local school teacher or to the salary of a day care worker in your area. 

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